President’s Message

Gary Albers

August 2021

Welcome back to curling at the Prescott Curling Club.   Thanks once again to those that supported us financially with donations and the Town of Prescott for approving our application to Not for Profit Organization Grant program.   Your generosity has kept us in good financial shape despite being shut down for a full season.     Although we were closed your Board of Directors has been busy and met regularly, sometimes via Zoom, sometimes outdoors, or in small groups depending on the Health Unit regulations of the day.

The Health and Safety of our members, volunteers and contractors is foremost in our minds as we plan our re-opening this season.   To that end we have installed new HEPA filters, including UV Sanitizers in our furnace ducts.   This will clean the air in both the ice-house and the clubhouse.   A commercial dishwasher has been added to the kitchen.   New touchless automatic paper towel dispensers are being installed throughout the facility as well as new hand sanitizing stations.   A new point of sale system has been installed in the bar.   Other improvements are currently being quoted.   A new website has been developed as part of a renewed marketing strategy.   All these projects are funded by a grant from the Resilient Communities Fund administered by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.   Our application was approved earlier this year and the overall duration of the project is 9 months.  We will have a formal event acknowledging the Trillium Foundation Grant once we are open.

We are in the process of pulling together all the policies, procedures, and documentation required to comply with Health Unit Regulations.   These will all be communicated and will be like what is required in any public spaces.  We look forward to your co-operation and compliance with the regulations specific to our operations.

As of this writing we are in Stage 3 in Ontario, which is less restrictive than it was a year ago when we did not open.   It is anticipated that with the tremendous uptake of vaccinations, particularly in the Leeds-Grenville-Lanark Health Unit area, there will be more easing of restrictions by the time we are ready to open.   But even in Stage 3 we can be at full capacity in the ice-house.  While optimistic, we recognize the need to be flexible and are of course monitoring all updates and directives from our Health Unit.

The membership package has been prepared contemplating a full return to play for all our traditional leagues.  We are gearing up to start the ice plant, make ice and be ready to curl by October 16th.   Please review the package, contact us with any questions and then complete the registration forms and sign up as soon as you can.   You can download the forms from the website.   We are now able to accept payments electronically via e-transfer or via debit card at the club.   Details are in the package and on the website.

Finally, there are many new faces that have moved into the area over the past 16 months.   Please reach out to your neighbours.  Tell them how much fun it is to curl in Prescott and invite them to join or to come out and try.   Better still, bring them to the club yourself.   We have an “open house/try curling now” event scheduled for October 23rd and Learn to Curl starts on November 2.

Welcome Back


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